Saturday, July 20, 2013

Miracle Grow

While getting ready for school the other day, Emma complained that her shoes didn't fit.   What?  Emma is the queen of shoes. .  . . there's no way she has outgrown all of her shoes. 
We sat down, systematically went through her shoe drawer, and discovered that my little shoe diva only had one pair of shoes that fit  (I use the term "fit" loosely .. . .a.k.a we could cram her feet in and she didn't complain too much).  After school we headed to the mall.  Emma walked into the shoe store with with her little toes dangling off the end of her favorite sandals and had her feet measured.  The sandals she walked in with were a 9, her feet were now just under a 11.5.  Her feet had grown 2 sizes.   I was dumbfounded.
When we got home I decided to measure her on our wall and discovered that not only had her feet exploded, she had grown almost 2 inches in 7 weeks. 
My darling little. . insert sarcasm here. .4 year old is now wearing a 11.5 shoe and sizes 6X and 7 for clothes.  So long toddler sizes, Emma has officially graduated to the girls section. 
I'm not ready for this! 
Apparently Emma isn't the only one growing in my house.  Rooster has also had a growth explosion and now weighs 65 lbs and is officially to big for the ottoman.

I guess to make room for all of this growth, I'm compensating by losing. . .I'm down almost 35 lbs and feeling great! 
Me and my best girl! 


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